Forced to Flee: Exploring the Refugee Crisis


This resource provides useful facts, figures and suggested exercises for use in primary and post-primary classrooms on the current refugee crisis situation.

Author: Brighid Golden

Publisher: Trócaire

Year: 2015

Pages: 2

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: Asylum seekers, Conflict, Migration, Religion, Ireland, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Europe, West Africa

Target Audience: 12-15 Years Junior Cycle Senior Primary Transition Year Youth Groups

Curriculum Subjects: Education for Sustainable Development English Geography Religious Education Social Environmental and Scientific Education Social Personal and Health Education

Available Formats: Activity Sheet Map

Tags: Africa Human Development Migration Refugees

Available from:

Download Forced to Flee: Exploring the Refugee Crisis PDF (1.3MB)

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Page one: an infographic of a map of refugee movement in the world. Around the outskirts there are text boxes with facts and information about Migrants, refugees and Ireland. This page would be suitable for printing and displaying in a classroom.

Page two: outlines four example lessons on this topic:

  • Exploring the maps
  • Taking a look at world religions
  • Imagining a new world
  • Let’s work it out (drama piece)

This resource also gives tips for the teachers to create a safe space for discussion of this topic and has curriculum links.

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