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 | Poverty

The 10 Myths About…. series looks to sort facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues….

 | Poverty, Wealth and Inequality

This resource for primary schools uses drama to explore aspects of life in both rural and urban contexts in Ethiopia….

 | Poverty, Wealth and Inequality

This video uses comedy to examine the scale and problems of food waste, poverty and the food industry in America…

 | Development

This short film is based on Glengarry Glen Ross, the 1992 film where real-estate salesmen will do anything to make…

 | Development

This shocking film, from the Polochic Valley in Guatemala, captures in detail with first hand accounts of what happens when…

 | Development

The World’s Best News is a newspaper that brings you stories of hope and change from the developing world. This…

 | Human Development

One World Our World is a storybook for 10-12 year olds on five of Irish Aid’s partner countries. Share this:

 | Development

African artists are calling on the African Heads of State to keep their promises and invest at least 10% of…

 | Climate Change and Sustainable Development

What’s the impact of your ‘footprint’? This animation takes a look at the energy, water and land costs in producing…

 | Health

“The False Advertising Industry” reveals the shocking truth about what is allowed in “Natural” food. This satircal advert takes its…

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