60 Minutes to Save the Earth

60 Minutes to Save the Earth is a board game produced in Ireland in 1991 and plots industry against the environment and against the clock. Having a green conscience and being environmentally aware may not be enough to win this game. You must also successfully run major industries, nuclear, oil, timber etc and amass a major fortune. Easier said than done! Fate may deal you a dirty hand or you may lose millions on the turn of a card. The winner will be the player who can strike a balance between greed and conscience when you only have…60 Minutes to Save the Earth

A cooperative-ish game, 60 Minutes casts players in the role of industrialists who need to not only make money, but also be environmentally conscientious doing it. At the end, if the world is polluted, there is no winner.

Source: Seven Gates Designs

Year: 1991

Courtesy of Tony Daly