This unique pop-up event provides a snapshot of Irish engagement with global cultural, political and social issues over the past 50 years. Now experience it online.

Photos by Joshua Mulholland


Introducing 'Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects'

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Video: Minister of State Colm Brophy launches the Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects online exhibition

The international stage is but one backdrop against which the story of Ireland has been written.

This story – of a people, a culture, a state and an imagination – has been forged not just in Ireland but also in the wider world.

In all dimensions of that wider world, Ireland has had a presence. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the search for justice and human rights in the world.

Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects offers a glimpse into key moments, aspects and institutions that have animated that search. From the film reels by the Holy Ghost missionaries documenting conflict on the ground in Biafra in the 1960s to anti-apartheid Dunnes strike posters, education campaigns on HIV and AIDS and

County Wicklow declaring a climate emergency – these are only 100 examples from a broader and deeper story of engagement from Ireland that amplifies the still, small voice of conscience in a world of increasing human rights ‘wrongs’, extreme inequalities and unjust practice.

At the centre of this exhibition is an observation about human flourishing — In the world of the neighbourhood, the school or college, the factory or place of work.

Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects is a modest reminder of our shared heritage of engaging in uncomfortable struggles from Ireland by reaching out to the world so that we may all flourish, and not only the few.

The logo is inspired by the definition of the word solidarity — unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. The interlinking zeros of the 100 logo express this feeling of unity or action.


THE 100+1 project

You have been invited to add one object to the exhibition – what would it be and why choose it?

Visit the education materials to find out more.

Photo: Joshua Mulholland, February 2020


That's grandad in that picture!

Great exhibition. My wife is in one of the pictures upstairs. One of the Dunnes strikers, so that was a nice surprise. I was only passing by...

I remember Biafra.

I'm emotional after walking around and seeing the objects. We need to remember this stuff.

Thank you so much for this very moving exhibition. Very touching.

I'm going to give this to my teacher and tell her about it.

I hope the exhibition lives on!

The 100 Objects exhibition is brilliant. I think it should be made permanent and every child in the country should have to go and see it.

That poster is a bit scary looking. They make much more positive posters now!

It's a pity it's the last day. I would like to have stayed another hour.

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