A Story of Social and Solidarity Economy

Through development education practices, ‘Challenging the Crisis’ project supported over 100 young people 16 to 30 from highly indebted EU countries after the 2008 global recession to increase their understanding of the interdependencies of local and global justice issues and to become active advocates for global justice through supporting national and EU development policies despite austerity measures at home.

Challenging the Crisis: promoting citizens’ engagement in a time of uncertainty was a 3-year project led by IDEA in Ireland with partners in 5 other EU countries – Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Greece.

The overall objective of ‘Challenging the Crisis’ was to contribute to a more just and sustainable world through awareness raising and empowering EU citizens as global development advocates.

The result of the campaign led by the young global advocates led to the successfully lobbied a group of MEPs to launch a Written Declaration in the European Parliament to make 2018 the EU Year of Social and Solidarity Economy.

During the project a range of material was developed including:

Source: Irish Development Education Association

Year: 2015

Format: video; paper

Courtesy of Éimear Green