Africa Also Smiles Poster

This poster is part of the Africa Also Smiles campaign which focuses on the images and messages used in portraying Africa and African diaspora in the developed world.

Eric Yao, Coordinator of the Africa Centre said, “the Africa Also Smiles campaign is a way of saying, that there is a need for a balance in the way Africa is portrayed globally. Some people speak about Africa as though it is a country. Africa is a continent of 57 countries and there are different sides to it. It is therefore important for its image to be put out there in a balanced manner. This new campaign will be developed into an education pack for schools and our hope is to develop a balanced image of Africa in Ireland.”

The Africa Centre is a membership organisation with a mission to advance attitudes, policies and actions that promote justice, social inclusion and meaningful participation for African communities in Ireland and encourages a more positive Africa-Ireland exchange.

Source: The Africa Centre

Year: 2009

Courtesy of Mags Liddy