Art and Poetry – An Emotional Journey

The subject of abuse is difficult to define despite personal and painful efforts to do so. Yet the abuse of women and girls is evident. It is the assertion of power and control over another human being. It strips a person of their dignity. It sullies their sense of self, their confidence and their integrity as a human being.

Painted by Marjorie Laville-Pain for Trócaire, ‘Art and Poetry – An emotional journey’ has drawn attention to gender-based violence at home and abroad. Exhibited in Dublin, Maynooth, Cork, Belfast and Derry since 2016, Marjorie hopes that by sharing her work she will raise awareness of this challenge in contemporary humanity and cause people to stop and take stock of the situation of women in the world.

In my paintings, Marjorie has kept the figures in the painting faceless. This resonates with the fact that untold multitudes of women face abuse on a daily basis.

Source: Marjorie Laville-Pain

Year: 2016

Courtesy of Marjorie Laville-Pain