Be Well Times

1,000 copies of the Be Well Times, a “for news we would like to read” venture from Hi-Rez Youth Centre, were dropped on the town of Bray in County Wicklow on Thursday 10th October 2013 as part of Be Well Week – a local initiative of young people promoting a practical and positive outlook within youth mental health.

The “what if..?” good news stories present the kind of news that we would like to read rather than the sombre tales of recessionary Ireland and dead end Celtic Tiger economics that readers are exposed to on a daily basis.

The stories imagine alternative futures across a range of development and human rights issues such as passports and migration, the phasing out of fossil fuels and exploring the perils of affluence.

Source: Be Well Bray, Hi-Rez Youth Centre

Year: 2013

Format: Newspaper

Courtesy of Dermot O’Brien

Produced by: Just Forests

Format: rescued wood sample

Year: 1987

Courtesy of Tom Roche