Climate Strike Placard

The Schools’ Climate Action Network (SCAN) is a network of students, teachers and their schools in Ireland, calling for urgent action to prevent climate breakdown and ensure a just and sustainable future.

This placard was produced for the second official national strike in Ireland on the 24th of May 2019 involving an estimated 3,000 people – part of a wider global moment of school strikes. The strike action artwork was drawn directly from this placard in order to generate social media materials, graphics and to popularise the strike action.

They demand:

  • that fossil fuels are left in the ground;
  • that the government reform the educational system to include ecological literacy;
  • to make the transition to a CO2-neutral Ireland socially fair;
  • implement all of the recommendations of the citizen’s assembly immediately;
  • create and enforce stronger regulations for corporations that are causing the crisis and to reduce emissions from agriculture;
  • introduce and implement a Green New Deal to ensure that future livelihoods will not damage the earth.

The students continue to strike.

For more, see the School’s Climate Action Network.

Produced by: Eve Wilson, 2nd year student of Schools’ Climate Action Network

Year: 2019

Courtesy of the School’s Climate Action Network