Countess Markievicz paddle vessel sea kayak

The Countess Markievicz sea kayak is one of many used in various voyages and flotillas to protest against Shell sea dredgers and pipe-laying ships, to name but a few actions.

The kayakers made directly for the Solitaire, dodging Shell and safety boats, and came within 100 metres of the pipelaying ship which immediately left the area, roughly ten miles off the Mayo Coast. This was the culmination of a day of action against the Solitaire.’ 

Report from the Rossport Solidarity Camp on Indymedia Ireland

"For the second time in three days a Shell dredger has been boarded and occupied by a Shell to Sea protester. As a result all the ships working in the bay have ceased work and returned to harbour. Reports confirm that work has been abandoned due to the action of the protesters". Photo and text: Indymedia UK (June 2009)
Shell to sea 'Pirates of Broadhaven' protesters occupy Shell's drill rig For 12 Hours. Photo: Indymedia UK (22 Sept 2010)

Year: 2008 – 2010

Courtesy of the Shell to Sea Campaign, John Baker and Terence Conway