Fyffe Times Better Postcard

Developed as part of an educational resource on the topic of ‘globalisation’ in the lead up to One World Week in November 2002, the Fyffe Times Better postcard was distributed to 20,000 people from youth organisations across Ireland to generate interest and critical reflection in clubs and youth group contexts. 

The card demands that Fyffes ensure that workers in Belize the area chosen for highlighting in the NYCI campaign are made aware of their rights.

Pat Boyle of the Irish Independent detailed the story: Fyffes expressed surprise at the launch of the campaign and in a letter to its organisers said it was also interested in the welfare of workers supplying it with bananas. It points out that the code includes express provisions that “workers have the right to join any labour organisation of their choice” and that “wages shall match or exceed industry averages or legal minimums”.

However, the Fyffes letter, from Carl McCann, did concede that:

“To my knowledge, no trade union or other labour organisation has to date sought recognition under the relevant Belize legislation.”

Source: National Youth Council of Ireland

Date: 2002

Courtesy of Valerie Duffy