In Words and Deeds

In Words and Deeds: 100 Years of Catholic Social Teaching: A poster pack

For many, Catholic Social Teaching (CST) remains a key source of inspiration and ideas on social and environmental justice in Ireland and internationally. 

However much of the substance of CST is to be found in formal Papal encyclicals and documents often difficult to access. In Words and Deeds, the authors (John Dardis, Tom Larkin, Frank McGuinness and Colm Regan) sought to make it immediately accessible and challenging through the use of key quotes, images and scripture.

The pack proved to be very popular and controversial with one poster being replaced because it challenged traditional concepts of charity; it was banned in the Dublin Archdiocese and sparked complaints from Taoiseach Charles Haughey for its use of an image depicting the government of the day as the ‘Scrooge of Europe’

Source: The Irish Jesuits, the National Conference of Priests in Ireland, the Association of Catechists, Ireland and Trócaire

Year: 1991