Introduction by Bob Geldof, Live Aid: Worldwide Concert Book

Founded in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, Band Aid was a charity super-group featuring mainly Irish and British musicians. It was founded as a music-based fundraising initiative in response to the famine in Ethiopia at the time. 

Live Aid was a duel-venue benefit concern that was held in July 1985 with one event in Wembley Stadium in London, one in John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. These concerts were organised after the success of charity single ‘Do they know its Christmas?’.

For many in Ireland, Band Aid was an awakening of consciousness on issues related to famine, tackling world hunger and taking action for change. Both Live Aid and Band Aid have been met with criticism, however, Geldof states:

“We took an issue that was nowhere on the political agenda and, through the lingua franca of the planet – which is not English but rock ‘n’ roll – we were able to address the intellectual absurdity and the moral repulsion of people dying of want in a world of surplus.”

Source: Band Aid Annual 1985

Year: 1984 & 1985