Kitchen Table

It was from the kitchen table of the Asmals (Kadar and Louise) in Beech Park Road, Foxrock, Co. Dublin, that South African anti-apartheid lawyers Kadar and Albi Sachs spent a weekend drafting a South African bill of rights, a document which would become integral to the country’s new constitution.


It is not unusual that such a seismic and historically important document should be drafted on a kitchen table.

The family home is place for meeting, sharing, reflecting, arguing and eating. It is only appropriate that the kitchen table be included in this exhibition as it is a place and a space where so much change begins.

A plaque paying tribute to the life and work of Kader Asmal was erected at the house in Beechpark Road, Foxrock, Dublin.

For more, check out the story about Albi Sachs returning to Dublin in 2014 on the Irish Times, or read the draft of the bill of rights

Date: 1987

Format: table; wood

Note: photo of table included is for illustrative purposes. The exhibition team are in the process of tracking down the original table.