Order of Timor-Leste Medal

In 1999, a referendum for independence took place in East Timor in which the people overwhelmingly voted for independence from Indonesia.

This was followed by a period of intense violence against the people of East Timor by armed militia and the Indonesian military. A decision to deploy UN peacekeeping troops was critical in supporting the people of East Timor and one in which the East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign (ETISC – founded by Ballyfermot CIE Dublin Bus driver Tom Hyland in 1992) played an instrumental role by lobbying key decision makers in and around the UN. This allowed Timor to make the transition from occupation to independence, which was officially ‘restored’ in May 2002, having been first declared before the invasion in 1975.

In recognition of the positive impact of the ETISC from Ireland in supporting the struggle for independence of the Timorese people, AFrI were officially presented with the ‘Order of Timor-Leste’ Presidential Medal by President Taur Matan Ruak, on behalf of ETISC.

Source: East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign and Afri

Year: 2015

Courtesy of Joe Murray

Produced by: Just Forests

Format: rescued wood sample

Year: 1987

Courtesy of Tom Roche