The Control of Economic Activities (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018

This bill is currently being debated in Ireland, and has been an active issue over the last two years.

The Control of Economic Activities (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018 is a piece of proposed legislation. If enacted, it would ban trade between Ireland and Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank. The Bill was introduced by Senator Frances Black and is supported by leading human rights organisations in Ireland.

If enacted, the legislation would apply to territories where there is a clear international legal consensus on the status of the occupation. As it stands, only the occupied Palestinian territories have been confirmed as occupied by the International Court of Justice.

However, this Bill allows for other territories to be included so long as there is consensus between the Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade and both houses of the Oireachtas.

Source: Houses of the Oireachtas

Date: 2018

Text by Trócaire (‘What You Need To Know About The Occupied Territories Bill‘, 4 Dec 2018)