Voices from the South: A Festival of Films from Africa, Asia and Latin America

This festival of films from Africa, Asia and Latin America is organised by Voluntary Service International (VSI) as part of its Development Education programme in Ireland.

Images of the ‘Third World’ in our media often portray the peoples and countries in a negative way, mostly in terms of problems – disasters, famine, civil war, debt and so on. But a lot more happens in these countries of the ‘South’.

Voices from the South is an opportunity to see and hear stories told by film makers from Algeria, Brazil, The Gambia, Palestine and Kurdistan.

VSI works for peace and international understanding through the medium of voluntary and community work, education and awareness programmes both here in Ireland and throughout the world.


Source: Voluntary Service International (VSI)

Year: 1994-2000

Courtesy of Anne Payne, Tom Ryder and Mateja Jaksic