School Strike for Climate – Marshall Vest

While debates about whether students should be allowed to take part in youth-led  climate strike events, events as part of youth-led global actions appear in advance of each coordinated event, many adults walk in solidarity with young people.

“Our [trade] union is built on the belief that through collective action real and progressive change can be achieved. Our activists are honoured to have been asked to assist a number of grassroots organisations of young people who are focused on ensuring that there is effective action taken to deal with the existential crisis that is climate change.

In relation to the strike on Friday, the students have agreed that SIPTU activists will assist with the logistics and stewarding of what are likely to be large demonstrations in Cork and Dublin.

“Students are exploring possibilities for working together with trade unions on common demands such as the call for a ‘just transition’ that will ensure that the move to sustainable energy sources is managed in a manner which adequately considers the interests of workers and the communities in which they live.”

Source: SIPTU

Year: 2019

Text by Yvonne O’Callaghan (quoted in SIPTU Press Release 22 May 2019)

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