Good news from Africa

It’s that time of the year again when news desks review the previous 12 months highlighting what is deemed important and newsworthy.  And, as with much else in a self-obsessed world, it’s usually about what happened in the West with the ‘rest’ relegated to a support role, usually in the negative.

So, it’s worth noting a review from New Yorker staff writer Alexis Okeowo which highlights 10 positive African news stories in 2011.

Of particular interest is story 10 regarding legislation to protect whistle blowers on corruption in Botswana; this stands in sharp contrast to recent moves in South Africa to penalise whistle blowers there (check out the South African newspaper The Mail and Guardian on and while you are there, also check out the Zapiro cartoons on the same issue.

Freedom of SpeechZapiro on freedom of speech and Jacob Zuma for 23rd December, 2011