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It’s July 16, 1969: America is preparing to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of miles away, the Zambia Space Academy hopes to beat America to the moon. A short film based on real events.

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Triomach agus Imirce san Aetóip

Is acmhainn oideachais é Triomach agus Imirce san Aetóip a úsáideann modheolaíocht na drámaíochta próisis chun a chur ar chumas leanaí foghlaim (as Gaeilge), trí …

10 Myths About Global Waste

It is a startling reality that much of the material output generated by the world since the Industrial Revolution is still with us – despite …

A Better World: Our World Irish Aid Award 2020

For this year’s Our World Irish Aid Award, schools are supported with: Child-friendly resources, like the very popular 12-page pupil’s magazine (available in English and …

Drought and Migration in Ethiopia – Updated edition

Drought and Migration in Ethiopia is an educational resource which uses the methodology of process drama to enable children to learn, through imagined experience, about …

Water, Come to Me!

There are 7 arts education lessons in this resource, followed by Lesson 8 which is a DICE lesson to conclude. It is divided into eight …

Short film – Where even the Dead can’t rest

Climate Revolution: One World Week development education and global citizenship education resource pack

Organised into 14 activities that cover a wide range of learning levels on topics related to climate change, climate justice and reflectings on taking collective …

Ending Hunger Challenge Badge

You might think that hunger is too big of a problem for you to solve alone, but together we are greater than hunger. Little actions …

Working for Zero Hunger

Did you know that there are over 820 million people in the world that go to bed hungry, while 1.9 billion people are overweight? The …

Global Hunger Index 2019: The challenge of hunger and climate change

The 2019 GHI measures hunger in 117 countries where the assessment is most relevant and where data on all four component indicators are available. 43 …

What The Fact?

What The Fact? Sorting facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues Photo: ‘Discovery’ © Gauthier Delecroix via Flickr used under

Ár nDomhan Inniu – as Gaeilge

Fáilte roimh rannóg na Gaeilge ar This section will be a reference point for resources, ideas and debates on global development issues. Ár nDomhan


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