7th December 2018

A new CIVICUS Monitor Report highlights the fact that 6 in 10 countries now seriously repress civic freedoms.

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Are you ready for World Food Day 2018?

Tuesday next week, the 16th October, is World Food Day. Toni Pyke sketches out the background to the international day and introduces a new #ZeroHunger

Our world in 90 seconds

It took just less than 90 seconds to graphically reveal the horrific underbelly of globalisation and of ‘modern’ consumerism and business.  Five years ago, in

7 ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle

As consumers, how can we both consume more sustainably and influence companies to produce more sustainably? A final-five finalist in the 2018 Trinity College Dublin

I gave up plastic for Lent. Could you?

Rachel Mary Dornan reflects on the challenges she experienced in giving up plastic for Lent and wonders if plastic-free living is affordable in a rising

Development: the ‘overs’ and ‘unders’

How much development is ‘enough’? A final-five finalist in the 2018 Trinity College Dublin and development issues series, Rosie Stack argues it’s time to

What makes people good?

In a highly diverse, multi-cultural, post-truth world, John Dornan argues there is even more need to understand the origins of different attitudes and perspectives and

Arguing Democracy – part 1

Following on from last year’s political developments in the United States and the UK, it has become popular to argue that democracy is under immediate