Prison-like conditions? Seeking asylum in India and Ireland

The system for asylum seeker accommodation in Ireland has been described as inhuman, degrading and illegal by human rights groups and critics. Navika Mehta reviews ‘Direct Provision’s legacy and compares it with a similar model that has appeared in India.

‘Partnership for the Goals’ – the 2021 Our World Irish Aid Awards

Launched in February 2021, the Our World Irish Aid Award theme ‘Partnership for the Goals’ invites primary teachers and pupils to learn about the work of Irish Aid in partnership with others in over 130 countries to help progress the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Pandemic Reflections

John Dornan ponders all things pandemic, as he gets his first COVID-19 vaccination

Event: What You Need To Know About The Food Systems Summit 2021

Join us on Thurs 11th February for an open discussion with Olive Towey and Sophie Healy-Thow to find out what’s happening at the summit and how you can play a role in transforming how we produce and consume food, and meeting the challenges of climate change.

The Trinity College Dublin Development Issues Series

Development Economics – Question What you Read

What does it mean to critically engage with what you read and why does it matter? Emily Ramsay investigates microfinancing in development economics – the good, the bad and the neoliberal

The Expression Recession

From the 2019 Trinity College Dublin Development Issues Series Final Five, Ronan Daly explores the erosion of freedom of expression and the potential subsequent impacts

Corruption Redefined

Conor O’Brien, a 2019 Trinity College Dublin Development Issues Series Final Five finalist, explores corruption in its many guises.

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