80-20 Development in an Unequal World7th Edition
80-20 explores inequalities and injustices in a plain speaking overview of key global issues, trends and stories through striking visuals and by assembling facts, figures, graphs, maps, photos and political cartoons as well as analysis of the world today.

Price: €21.95 + P&P

Five, Fifty, Five-Hundred…Or How the World Rewards the Rich at the Expense of the Poor…and Where We Fit in!
An interactive CD-Rom with over 130 trigger sheets exploring human rights, sustainability, word poverty, migration, the economics and politics of inequality and overseas aid.

Price: €10 + P&P

Development Education & Human Rights Education in Britain and Ireland

Final report produced by the Development Education Commission with the core objective of reviewing the state of development education and human rights education in Britain and Ireland within a ‘two-islands approach.

Price: € 3

Resource Pack: 80-20 Development in an Unequal World (7th Ed.), Thinking Art Making Art & Debating Aid
Get three development education resources as a discounted pack.

Price: € 25

Debating Aid: a Development Education Resource
Debating Aid explores development aid and the various debates around it, from the philosophical basis behind aid to the history of development aid and some of the major defences and criticisms of aid.

Price: €8

Debating Aid: ‘Think Again’ poster set
Three posters and a 6-page gatefold leaflet that explore how do we understand the debate on overseas aid,
is it a duty or an option, and does aid work?

Price: €6

Essential Learning for Everyone: raising the debate about civil society, world citizenship and the role of education

Published as part of the work of the Development Education Commission, Essential Learning challenges short term perspectives and the effects of fragmentation, and invites you to look afresh at the potential for core curriculum and common agendas.

Price: € 3

Exploring Genocide: Educational Issues and Challenges
An educational resource and accompanying set of x3 posters developed in conjunction with a public wall mural exploring the topic of genocide in a number of contexts.

Price: €5

Guidelines for Producing Development Education Resources
The guidelines have been designed to act as a supportive and practical tool for anyone to use – whether a teacher, a youth worker or development education workers in adult and community settings – rather than as a prescriptive set of instructions.

Price: € 2

Northern Ireland: A Place Apart?
This resource is an educational resource designed for use with students aged 14 years and above and provides a range of activities and information designed to encourage understanding of, and engagement with, issues of peace and reconciliation.

Price: € 6

Thinking Art Making Art in Development and Human Rights Education
Thinking Art Making Art explores the use of art in human rights and development education within a number of different settings and explores the educational benefits of art and provides case studies of various art-based methodologies

Price: € 5

This Is What Has Happened: HIV and AIDS, Women and Vulnerability in Zambia
Through the use of photography and story telling, this report explores the human face behind the statistics of HIV and AIDS and it’s impact on women in Zambia.

Price: € 5

Vary Us – Exploring Diversity, Interculturalism, Identify
This resource pack encourages young people, youth workers and facilitators to work together to explore and debate the themes of identity, the cultural and social changes taking place in our communities and how we can respond positively and creatively to these changes.

Price: € 6

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