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The hyper-consumption phenomenon, Black Friday, now takes place beyond the US and is growing. Toni Pyke reports on Black Friday from an afternoon in late November.

A final-seven finalist in the 2018 Trinity College Dublin and Development Issues series, Jane Litvin explores how some of the Sustainable Development Goals can be realised through basketball.

New look, new features and an SDG Explorer,  Dylan Creane and Tony Daly introduce the new  website, over six months (and 20 years) in the making.

In Focus

New Have you ever wanted to look for whether the SDGs are directly or indirectly included in a resource – whether a booklet, a short film, an issue-based activity pack or an NGO report?

Say hello, to the Sustainable Development Goals Explorer. Quickly find resources from our library that are relevant to each of the Sustainable Development Goals, 1 through 17.

Expect new books, videos and cutting edge global justice research reports to be added to the resource library, fortnightly.