‘Partnership for the Goals’

The 2021 Our World Irish Aid Awards

Primary schools initiatives alert! The new primary schools initiative led by Irish Aid is out now, plus their interactive magazine Global Goal Getters.

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Toni Pyke reflects on Black Lives Matter in 2020 and presents an educator’s guide to anti-racism education, having witnessed the realities of racial segregation in South Africa.

How much do you know about migration and refugees?

Take a look and explore 10 popular myths ‘push’ and ‘pull’, conspiracy theories and the availability of access to safe migration channels.

The claim that many images and memes circulating online that Irish people were the “first slaves of America” is false. What The Fact? investigates.


Introducing 'Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects'

Based on the pop-up event in March 2020, the Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects exhibition is a snapshot of Irish engagement with global cultural, political and social issues over the past 50 years. This podcast series will explore a number of the 100 objects featured in the exhibition through the stories from the people involved in bringing them about

A unique snapshot of Irish education and activism in Ireland over the past 50 years. Explore the 100 object, teaching materials and join in with the ‘100+1 Project’.

Have you ever wanted to look for whether the SDGs are directly or indirectly included in a resource – whether a booklet, a short film, an issue-based activity pack or an NGO report?

Say hello, to the Sustainable Development Goals Explorer. Quickly find resources from our library that are relevant to each of the Sustainable Development Goals, 1 through 17.

Expect new books, videos and cutting edge global justice research reports to be added to the resource library, fortnightly.