The threats to education and democratic spaces posed by fake news and its spread through social media platforms are daily realities. Fight back with facts and join us in our new #WhatDEfact project.

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The human rights community, with a few notable exceptions, has been every bit as complacent as most governments in the face of the ultimate challenge to mankind represented by climate change. The steps taken by most United Nations human rights bodies have been patently inadequate and premised on forms of incremental managerialism and proceduralism which are entirely disproportionate to the urgency and magnitude of the threat. Ticking boxes will not save humanity or the planet from impending disaster [...] human rights might not survive the coming upheaval [...] the group that will be most negatively affected across the globe are those living in poverty. Climate change is, among other things, an unconscionable assault on the poor.

Climate Change and Poverty report by Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, June 25th, 2019
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In the second part of the Living Between Trains and Drains series Toni Pyke explore the daily struggles and global realities of informal settlement living, with a focus on life in Namuwongo ‘slum’ in the city of Kampala in Uganda.

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New Have you ever wanted to look for whether the SDGs are directly or indirectly included in a resource – whether a booklet, a short film, an issue-based activity pack or an NGO report?

Say hello, to the Sustainable Development Goals Explorer. Quickly find resources from our library that are relevant to each of the Sustainable Development Goals, 1 through 17.

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