Stories of Change

Showcasing action projects, advocacy and community campaigns.


Butterflies for Bealtaine

A public project that invited the public to consider how a cocoon becomes a butterfly, creating art that expressed their hopes for the future of the world as we emerge from isolation under a global pandemic

For Teachers & Educators

Materials and guides for educators in formal and non-formal education, including primary, post primary, youth settings and community education.

Ceartas aeráide

Is gluaiseacht é an ceartas aeráide a adhmhaíonn go bhfuil iarmhairtí sóisialta agus eacnamaíochta agus bagairt ar shláinte poiblí ag baint leis an athrú aeráide. Ní hamháin go bhfuil na hiarmhairtí seo ann, ach siad i bhfad níos measa sa chuid den domhan atá i mbéal forbartha. Níl an neamhionnanas seo ceart ná cóir. Mar sin, is gá le stráitéisí maolaithe agus oiriúnaithe fadtéarmacha.

Our Actions are Our Future – World Food Day 2021 in the classroom

October 16th is World Food Day, an international day celebrated every year to commemorate the founding of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. Ciara Regan introduces a range of activities to get you started on teaching the issues, the debates and key ideas around World Food Day

What The Fact?

Sorting facts from fiction on key human rights and international development issues

Issues & Topics

Our background primers on the big issues.

#FreeTheFlow Global Menstruation Justice Now

STAND and USI are demanding global menstruation justice now and are urging students across Ireland to take action. Around 26% of the global population are of reproductive age and more than 800 million people menstruate daily (UNICEF & Global Citizen). Women and menstruators around the world are facing significant barriers,

Debating Development Issues

Key issues, debated.

Debating Fairtrade

The modern fairtrade movement is now some 50 years old and has a significant history and track record reflected in current debates, arguments and criticisms.