Teachers & Educators

Materials and guides for educators in formal and non-formal education.

‘All of me was learning, not just my mind…’: reflecting on study visits and immersion programmes in development education

This guide explores many of the issues involved in such study visits; it offers practical suggestions and ideas for organising them as well as for reflecting on them. It is based on the experience and practice of a wide range of organisations and has emerged from a series of individual projects as well as broader discussions and debates over several years.

50 Picturebooks to Change the World

Thérèse Hegarty and Patricia Kennon explore picturebooks in learning contexts and how they encourage discussions of friendship, conflict, struggle, norms, points of view, difference and injustice in a distanced way, therefore allowing sensitive issues to be discussed without direct disclosures about the children’s own lives.

Team Planet

Team Planet: An Action Pack on Ourselves and the World Team Planet is an active learning programme focused on the themes of environment and interdependence designed for use at individual