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Materials and guides for educators in formal and non-formal education.

6 Quick Activities for Human Rights Day – December 10th

For starters, check out Amnesty International Ireland’s human rights education resources and the international HRE resources. There are resources for both primary and post-primary schools, for youth and for adult

Team Planet

Team Planet: An Action Pack on Ourselves and the World Team Planet is an active learning programme focused on the themes of environment and interdependence designed for use at individual

Development Issues – A Course for Transition Year

This learning unit supports teachers who want to explore the global development issues that affect our world with their students. It will help students develop the skills necessary to affect positive change in their own lives and also to see their actions as part of a wider change for a more just world.

Using Resources to Explore Issues

Cartoons Photographs Maps Statistics International Reports Case Studies Information Technology [nextpage title=”Cartoons”] Using political cartoons in development and human rights education Political cartoons can be a particularly valuable resource for