Chibundu Onuzo and the Spider King’s Daughter

20 year old Nigerian Chibundu Onuzo is currently in her final year in King’s College London studying history. Not only is she busy writing essays, attending lectures and working on her dissertation, she is also hard at work promoting her debut novel  ‘The Spider King’s Daughter’. In February 2011, Onuzo signed a two year book deal with Faber – the youngest woman to ever do so.

‘The Spider King’s Daughter’ tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a male street hawker and a daughter of the corrupt elite that struggles to establish itself amidst the prejudices of Nigerian society. It is a darkly humorous coming of age tale and the story of a country torn between the past, the future and choices it faces.

It’s just interesting, how people from different classes relate to each other. Abike [the protagonist] should relate to the hawker in the same way she relates to her driver. But the hawker is good looking and speaks English well, and that makes her pause.

The novel will be published in March of this year.

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