Films for Action

There is no denying it now, movie weather is upon us! Although it is quite enjoyable and desirable to sit down – especially after a long, busy week –  in front of a movie that needs little or no brain power to follow it (please see Eddie Izzard on this), why not watch a movie from the ‘learning library for people who want to change the world’…

Films for Action is a community powered alternative news-centre and self-proclaimed learning library for people who want to change the world. Films for Action uses the power of film to raise awareness on important social, environmental and media-related issues not covered by mainstream news. With over 900 movies and videos which can be watched online for free, Films for Action aims to provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable and democratic society.

It also has a practical ‘Take Action’ section for people to find a way to make a positive impact. You can even add your own movies or videos as well as guides to starting independent films for action in your own city/town.

Although the site has a primarily American focus, there is a lot of global content available as documentary films,

So if you are looking for something that involves a bit more than Bruce Willis Dieing the Hardest he ever has or Colin Firth arranging matches (hat tip to Eddie Izzard ), then check these guys out – be careful though, you might actually learn something!


Examples of online films/videos:

The Yes Men Fix the World (2009): Documentary, 1hour 35 min
Subjects: corporatism; activism; climate change; business; money & economics

Who killed the electric car? (2006): documentary, 1hour 32 min
Subjects:energy; solutions; sustainability; corporations

Changing Education Paradigms (2010): animation, 11mins
Subjects; education; pedagogy; methodology; creativity, teaching; learning