Update: The Irish development education resources audit and IDEA’s new campaign

Happy New Year to our readers (teachers, students, newbies and veterans)!

For those out there who have been wondering why we’ve been laying low these past few months you will be interested to know that we’ve been hard at work on a research project seeking to audit development education resources produced in Ireland from 2000-2012.

The findings of the audit will be published in February which you can sign up to for the news and links to the online version at www.developmenteducation.ie/audit and find out more information about the terms of reference for it. For those who enjoy their research reports of course!

New publications will also be added to the resources catalogue once the audit is done so keep sending them in to us and we’ll be placing them online in the coming months.

In other news, IDEA (the Irish Development Education Association) has been running a public awareness campaign called What is Development Education? since last October that’s worth checking out. You can join the discussion on the campaign Facebook page, on Twitter @whatisdeved  or #whatisdeved and see their video below.