Resources catalogue is back online

Good news everyone!

The cobwebs have been cleaned out. The annotations streamlined. The bugs have been caught (and set free back into the wild).

Welcome to the resources catalogue 2.0

While the search engine has been revamped also we encourage you check out the browsing tab.

Screenshot of resources catalogue
Screenshot of resources catalogue

Here you will find a plethora of information to choose from (target audience, curriculum subject, format/type of resource etc.) and then you can apply filters from the sidebar and to improve results and add combinations of filters to suit your search. For example:

Screenshot of filters in sidebar
Screenshot of filters in sidebar

Dylan Creane, project manager to the catalogue refit states:

“This latest update brings a much improved search facility, better integration with the website’s tagging system, more detail about individual resources, and a more powerful, faster administration system.

This sets the stage for the continued growth of the resources library, making it easier for us to manage the expanding catalogue, and easier for our users to find what they are looking for.”

Get exploring at