Issue 19 of Policy and Practice out now: Finding the ‘Historically Possible’


The autumn 2014 issue of Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review is out! Policy and Practice is a bi-annual, peer reviewed, open access (free) journal published by the Centre for Global Education (Belfast).

Issue 19’s theme is titled: Finding the ‘Historically Possible’: Contexts, Limits and Possibilities in Development Education.

An article on the audit of development education resources in Ireland, produced by in spring 2013, is featured in the online journal, which weighs in on the main findings of the audit and the many implication for development educators in Ireland. The audit can be accessed at

You can access the article here: Twelve Years in the Making: An Audit of Irish Development Education Resources by Tony Daly and Ciara Regan.

The journal typically contains a range of critical dispatches, reflections and case studies on development education both in and outside of Ireland.

Content listing of articles in issue 19:

Editorial by Fionnuala Waldron


Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices in Development Education by Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti

Introducing Corporate Power to the Global Education Discourse by David Monk

Towards Compassionate Global Citizenship: Educating the Heart through Development Education and Cognitively-Based Compassion Training by Caroline Murphy, Brendan Ozawa-de Silva and Michael Winskell


Integrating Development Education into Business Studies: The Outcomes of a Consultative Study by Siobhán McGee

Twelve Years in the Making: An Audit of Irish Development Education Resources by Tony Daly and Ciara Regan

Opening Eyes and Minds: Inspiring, Educating and Engaging Third Level Students in Global Education by Joanne Malone, Gráinne Carley and Meliosa Bracken

Getting to the Bottom of Extractive Capitalism: A Case Study of Open Pit Mining in Cajamarca, Peru by Lynda Sullivan


Foodbanks are an Important Barometer of Contemporary Poverty: Development Educators Should Take Notice by Stephen McCloskey

Resource reviews

You, Me and Diversity: Picturebooks for Teaching Development and Intercultural Education by Marie Moriarty

Development Education in Policy & Practice by Anne M. Dolan

Beloved Land: Stories, Struggles and Secrets from Timor-Leste by Paul Hainsworth