‘Has your auntie got the t-shirt?’: public call for Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects

Tackling Apartheid…dropping debt repayments in developing countries…the first Fairtrade item you bought, the poster that grabbed you, demonstrating in support of aid…forming a local group to discuss nuclear disarmament…

What has the past got to say about the present? What can we learn from past struggles for global justice and human rights for activism NOW?

Throughout 2019, developmenteducation.ie and the Irish Development Education Association are launching a project to gather 100 objects relating to previous global solidarity and development education campaigns or actions.

This call invites individuals, groups and organisations to be part of building a digital storytelling project involving the development education community directly and people involved in global citizenship education projects.

Part archival and part heritage project, this seeks to uncover the many stories, experiences and campaigns expressed through personal collections of objects, visual arts and artefacts (posters, documents, keep-sakes etc.) that bring these histories to life.

The aim is to showcase examples of people-led activism on global issues and campaigns as experienced from Ireland.

Postcard campaign led by Trócaire against the Apartheid state in South Africa, with Martyn Turner cartoon [circa 1989-1992]
The roadmap for the project is still evolving, but it will involve public exhibitions, and include a digital storytelling approach (via short video recording of testimonies). This will be curated by developmenteducation.ie (and, in time others) and launched at the IDEA Annual Conference in June 2019.

You are invited to share / loan collectables from your story of education and activism to date – we need your input to paint the bigger picture.

Register your interest by sending details / queries to Tony Daly: tony@developmenteducation.ie:

  • Telling the story of the item you have chosen, including its local and global significance
  • Providing a short description – for display purposes (250 words max)
  • Including a photo or link (if available)

Note: the first 15 objects will be on display at the 2019 IDEA Annual Conference on 6th June to mark IDEA’s 15th anniversary. To be part of this, please contact Tony Daly before 24 May.

So, dust off that campaign badge or poster, wash that old t-shirt and take this opportunity to share your stories of impact and change!