Videos, photographs, cartoons, animations, current affairs, infographics…this website is maintained with a wide range of material covering a range of global development themes and issues.

Here are some suggested ways of using the website to build development education into your lessons plans:

  • Take a look around – use the search facility or tagging system to see what is in each section on the website.
  • Explore the issues & topics section for background reading on a range of human rights, health, sustainable development and ethical consumption debates.
  • Take a look at the Top Tens! Or set your class loose to find one statistic that stands out for them and to discuss it in class.
  • The searchable glossary provides definitions that can be printed off – or put the terms on the whiteboard and ask pupils to guess what they mean. Can they figure it out?
  • Interested in a range of opinion, facts and multimedia materials that are ready to use in class? What’s the resource of the month? Keep an eye on the blog. Or why not get your class project featured on it?
  • We make animations and videos! See our multimedia section, or why not start with our popular What if the world had 100 people? animation with your class?
  • Looking for some ideas on a topic? Use the tag cloud on the homepage for some quick results.
  • Look at the using the curriculum in this section to map out relevant material as you browse the website

Resources Catalogue

In our catalogue, you will find a catalogue of over 200 annotated development and development education resources and materials across a number of categories including issues such as climate change, sustainable development, gender, HIV and AIDS, human rights, etc. It is also searchable according to educational categories, themes and authors. The new section enables you to search on-line resources by category, key-words, publisher, title and author.

NOTE: if you have any comments or resources to recommend or would be interested in contributing towards this section send an email to

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