The world outside of the classroom is a lively place.

Over the course of many years my 5th class in Clonburris National School,  Clondalkin, has always been interested in bringing this outside world filled with human rights and themes, issues and debates such as fairtrade in the context of the developing world into our class. As a result of this the chance to take part in Irish Aid Our World Awards on an annual basis has become a regular calendar fixture for my class.

Fair trade logo
Fair trade logo

The Fairtrade ethos of quality, sustainability and fairness in the Fairtrade minimum price and premium to workers and farmers and particularly as it related to notions of solidarity and standards setting appealed to us as a group.

Once Fairtrade status was conferred on the school our class took a decision to investigate the possibility of having Fairtrade status conferred on Clondalkin.

This involved:

  • Collecting signatures to gauge interest (1,500 collected)
  • Raising awareness of Fairtrade in the community
  • Setting up a Clondalkin Fairtrade Town committee (with students involved in committee work)
  • Writing to Ministers, T.Ds, councillors and local community groups
  • Gaining media attention, at local and national level
  • Organising Art competitions, bake-offs, raffles during Fairtrade Fortnight

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