Behind the Brands

The Top 10 Biggest Food Companies

Oxfam’s recent Behind the Brands campaign (2013) looks at the biggest food companies’ policies on issues from water to women, the way they expect their suppliers to behave on these issues, and what they do to measure and improve their impact on every worker and farmer who helps them put products in shops. Using the results, Oxfam have created a simple Behind the Brands Scorecard to compare and contrast how the companies do business.

The ten companies (“the Big Ten”) assessed in the Scorecard (in order of company size) are: Nestle, PepsiCo , Unilever, Mondelez,Coca-Cola , Mars, Danone, Associated British Foods (ABF), General Mills and Kellogg’s.

The seven themes looked at in the scorecard are:

  • Transparency at a corporate level
  • Women farm workers and small-scale producers in the supply chain
  • Workers on farms in the supply chain
  • Farmers (small-scale) growing the commodities
  • Land, both rights and access to land and sustainable use of it
  • Water, both rights and access to water resources and sustainable use of it
  • Climate, both relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping farmers adapt to climate change

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