DICE Project Teaching Materials

In supporting Primary Education, DICE have developed a series of downloadable thematic teaching materials to assist teachers and educators in approaching development issues in their class/workshop.

Homes Around The World

A project using multi-cultural story books to introduce 1st and 2nd class pupils to the many different types of homes around the world. It allows children to explore a wide variety of homes and to examine the influence of climate, family and culture on types of homes.

See also the new Irish Aid publication “One World, Our World” aimed at 10-12 year olds and introduces 5 or Irish Aid’s programme countries in African and Asia

Pathways for Teaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

A resource containing a sequence of lesson ideas for teaching about the MDGs including several classroom activities as well as background information for teachers on the Gals and a list of useful resources and websites referred to in resource to allow further work on the MDGs.

Global Film Studies Guide

This series of Global Film Study Guides aims at providing information, guidelines and ideas on how to teach films with a global and justice dimension to children. Each of the guides will concentrate on a particular film that is concerned with themes and issues important to our increasingly globalised world. In addition to the provision of necessary background information about the film and its story, some assistance on how to ‘read’ films is offered by introducing different film techniques. Each guide will also explore ideas of how to teach film to children and provide guidelines for discussions.