Human Rights

Introducing and Exploring Human Rights

A Community and Youth Education Module

Developed by Bray Partnership and 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World

This learning guide was designed to support individuals, schools and local community groups in exploring the meaning and implications of a Human Rights perspective on issues and focuses on encouraging discussion of Human Rights issues at local, national and international levels. Users are encouraged to consider all 3 levels to gain an understanding of Human Rights as an idea and as an overall agenda.

The module is based on a 3-step approach:

  • Step 1 – Exploring our own ideas and perspectives on Human Rights
  • Step 2 – Stimulating thinking and ideas about Human Rights
  • Step 3 – Looking at rights and responsibilities and how rights can be ‘claimed’

The module is designed so that it can be used as follows:

  • In 3 distinct 2-hour sessions (with selected activities from each step)
  • In one 2-hour session (with 1 activity chosen from each step)
  • As part of a broader programme (in such cases, an activity should be included from each step).

The module can be modified and adapted to suit your own group or to pursue particular ideas or methods.

Notes for facilitator:
The facilitator’s role is to support learning through stimulating the discussion – for example through brainstorming, worksheets, general discussions etc., as well as to collect and summarise the ideas of the group collectively.

Materials you will need include: a flipchart and markers, appropriate handouts for activities, some blank paper, pens/pencils, ‘post it’ notes (or small pieces of paper), sticky dots, etc.