10 sample trigger sheets from 5:50:500.

No country treats its women the same as its men
Gender discrimination continues unabated – not just in the third world, in every single country across the globe.


More people are killed by their own governments
Big international conflicts occupy the headlines, but oppressive governments are more likely to be fatal


Two pairs of strong shoes
What makes someone ‘poor’ in a developed country? This stimulus sheet explores the Irish ESRI’s definition of ‘consistent poverty’ within Ireland.


Galeano Highway
How often do we stop and think about the actual words we use? ‘Development’ should be a straightforward word, but it is also a concept that comes with a lot of baggage.


T-shirts & trade
International trading rules are not as equitable as you might first imagine. Often, the trading system resembles an old boys’ club, in which developed countries have one set of rules for themselves, and another for third world nations.


Champagne Glass
Everyone knows that the world is an unequal place. But just how unequal is it?


Tipping Points
Climate change is on everybody’s lips. The UNDP has identified 8 environmental ‘tipping points’ – events likely to be both cause and consequence of climate change.


Ethical Dilemma
We may want to do the ‘right thing’, but often our options are not as black-or-white as we may like. What to do when faced with an ethical dilemma?


Forgotten Wars
Out of sight, out of mind? These are the wars nobody talks about.


All You Need Is Love
Mother Teresa famously said that ‘peace begins with a smile’. But is a smile enough?