13 cartoons from North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America on the coronavirus

Two years in, the global coronavirus pandemic has been felt everywhere.

Political cartoonists across the world have been busy responding to the many faultlines of inequality that have underwritten everything from local to regional to international responses, particularly between rich and poor countries.

From Ecuador to Iran and Mexico to Jordon, from the rush for vaccines to those that have protected access to them, cartoonists have responded fiercely.

Here’s a selection of 13 unflinching cartoons (out of hundreds more!).

The gift of life

By Antonio Rodríguez, Mexico

(5 February 2021). © Antonio Rodríguez/Cartoon Movement

Vaccination campaign

By Payam Pourfallah, Iran

(23 April 2021).© Payam Pourfallah/Cartoon Movement

Drug companies making bumper profits out of Corona vaccine

By Emad Hajjaj, Jordan

(20 December 2020). © Emad Hajjaj/Cartoon Movement


By Rodrigo de Matos, Portugal

(20 January 2021). © Rodrigo de Matos/Cartoon Movement

Save the rich first

By Vilma Vargas, Ecuador

(27 January 2021). © Vilma Vargas/Cartoon Movement

Arms Race

By Mohammad Sabaaneh, Palestinian Territories

(3 February 2021) © Mohammad Sabaaneh/Cartoon Movement

Vaccines for all

By Miguel Morales Madrigal, Cuba

(7 February 2021).© Miguel Morales Madrigal/Cartoon Movement

Pay to play

By Emanuele Del Rosso, Italy

(12 January 2021). © Emanuele Del Rosso/Cartoon Movement

The necessary symbol

By OSVAL, Cuba

(26 January 2021). © OSVAL/Cartoon Movement

“We need to share the Covid-19 vaccine.”

The vaccine and the rich countries 2

By Mohammad Sabaaneh, Palestinian Territories

(1 February 2021). © Mohammad Sabaaneh/Cartoon Movement

Health inequality

By Mahnaz Yazdani, Iran

(10 February 2021) © Mahnaz Yazdani/Cartoon Movement


By Menekse Cam, Turkey

(25 May 2020). © Menekse Cam/Cartoon Movement

Escape from planet Corona (for some)

By Tjeerd Royaards, Netherlands

(7 September 2021). © Tjeerd Royaards/Cartoon Movement


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