COVID-19 #Coronavirus infographic

Created by Information is Beautiful, this datapack was updated on 16th March 2020 (download). Created by David McCandless, Dr Stephanie Starling, Omid Kashan

Graphics: Information is Beautiful

Data: various; see the latest data the graphics are generated from (Johns Hopkins University, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Statista, China Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Google News, New York Times, The Guardian)

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Change log

UPDATE 16th Mar

  • Updated: Recovery rates, Fatality Rate by Country, Media Mentions
  • Added: Average Disease Deaths per day explanation of our maths, plus Swine Flu : estimates (753 death per day), highlighted pandemic vs endemic diseases.
  • New Chart: Infection Trajectories
  • Corrected: Spanish Flu fatality rate 2.5% (was 10%)

UPDATE 13th Mar

  • Fatality Rates by Country. Italy up to 6.7%.
  • Total Media Mentions. Coronavirus now 2.1bn, up from 1.1bn.
  • Average deaths per day: 72, up from 62.
  • Corrected Spanish Flu Fatality Rate to 2.5%
  • Recovery Rates

UPDATE 12th Mar – added Flattening the Curve. Uploaded version 2

UPDATE 11th Mar – revised Case Fatality Rates by Country. Italy up to 6.2%. Updated Recovery rates: 56.6% recovered drops to 55%. Updated Deaths Per Day: Coronavirus up 62 per day, from 56. Fixed a few typos.

UPDATE 9th Mar – Uploaded version 1