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With our integrated Save button, you can save anything from across the website and the resources library in a distraction free space, for you to focus and develop lesson plans.  

Curate a personal library of resources, articles, methods posts and teaching materials that you can return to. 


Build your own teaching plans, curated lists and thematic library of hundreds of resources, videos and blogs from across our platform. A teacher and trainers’ companion in building education work for inside and outside the classroom. 

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Some people use it to save stories throughout the day to read when they’re ready. Foragers use it to save all the things they want to read, watch, listen to or to build notes and ideas for lesson planning on the go. 

Who doesn't like a recommendation?

And some folks love exploring recommendations to find inspiration, challenge their views, and encounter something new. A new feature based on what interests you on 

Know it's good

The internet’s only as good as the content you encounter, so — by using our website together we make a brighter corner of the internet And as a not-for-profit partnership project you can take comfort in knowing that your data and privacy are not being used or sold for commercial purposes.  

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Long list? No problem. Quickly find anything you’ve saved with access to our search engine. Look up anything you’ve saved by keyword, topic, tags and more. 

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