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A Better Future for All the World’s Children – fun filled magazine for kids


This magazine is especially for children and about children. It includes interesting information, pictures, games and activities about the lives of children in other countries. You will also find useful information and ideas to help you with Our World Irish Aid Awards project.

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  • Author: Irish Aid
  • Publisher: Irish Aid
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 12


A magazine designed for primary school students, it presents introductory information, games, puzzles and fun fact boxes about countries that the overseas aid programme of the Irish Government works in in a fun and informative way.


  1. What is Irish Aid
  2. What are the Millennium Development Goals?
  3. Irish Aid’s Partner Countries – Quiz
  4. Clay Stove Clubs in Malawi – Activities
  5. Our World Irish Aid Awards – How To Get Involved
  6. Irish Aid Resources

Available from:

Download A Better Future for All the World’s Children magazine PDF (5.14MB)

Download Todhchaí Níos Fearr Do Leanaí Uile An Domhain as Gaeilge PDF (5.17MB)

Visit the Our World Irish Aid Awards support website with information on the annual competition and support materials