About Me About Us: Celebrating Diversity in Co. Monaghan Schools


Online interactive resource focused on encouraging students to exploring identity and diversity in the context of self, others and their community

Author: Liz Duffy, Carole Gilliland,Kate Martin, Mary McCabe, Paula McGonnell, Pauline McMahon, Gráinne Murtagh, Fiona O'Harte, Catherine Smyth and Emer FitzPatrick

Publisher: Monaghan Education Centre

Year: 2011

Pages: 132

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: Identity, diversity, ourselves, religion, stereotyping, identity, ethnicity, race, racism, equality, human rights, symbols, Monaghan, interculturalism, culture

Target Audience: 5-8 years 8-12 years Junior Primary Senior Primary

Curriculum Subjects: Art, Craft and Design Drama English Geography History Music Physical Education Religious Education Social Environmental and Scientific Education Social Personal and Health Education

Available Formats: Activity Pack Website Whiteboard

Tags: Creativity Discrimination Equality Identity

Available from:

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“It is child centred, interactive and visually appealing while also being teacher friendly and very simple to use. This teaching resource is a significant educational development. In our increasingly diverse Monaghan society, it will assist the holistic development of the children in our care. Significantly, it will focus on the issues of racism, sectarianism and bullying. It will provide the children with a basic knowledge of countries such as Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

More importantly, it will develop the children’s understanding and appreciation of where their friends and classmates have lived before coming to Ireland. They will learn that diversity is an issue for everyone, not just our friends from other countries. Our children will grow to recognise the normality of diversity in theireveryday lives and in turn, they will celebrate, respect and learn from the many different backgrounds, customs and traditions that they share with their friends on a daily basis.”

The resource book and accompanying fully interactive website were designed by primary school teachers from Monaghan schools for their colleagues in Monaghan and further afield. As part of the Embedding Tolerance in our Young People project, the teachers identified a need for resources aimed specifically at acknowledging and promoting understanding of the diverse communities within our county.

Sample screenshot of accompanying website:

The resource is divided into 6 units exploring Who am I? Understanding Myself and Others, Exploring Our Community, The World in Our Classroom, Religious Diversity and Embracing Our Differences and Working Together

Detailed contents:

Unit 1: Who am I?

My Identity Tree

My Name

My Identity Crest

Unit 2: Understanding myself and others

Prejudice and Stereotypes


First Impressions

Challenging Myths and Understanding Stereotypes

Unit 3: Exploring our community

Communities in our Classroom

We all live in County Monaghan


Me, You and Everybody

Stories from Home

Unit 4: The world in our classroom

Learning about Lithuania

Learning about Latvia

Learning about Poland

Learning about the Philippines

Learning about Nigeria

Learning about other countries

Unit 5: Understanding religious diversity


Learning about life as a Catholic

Learning about life as a Protestant; Presbyterian Church,

Church of Ireland, Methodist Church

Learning about life as an Orthodox Christian


Learning about life as a Muslim


Learning about life as a Hindu


Learning about life as a Jew

Activities on World Religions

Unit 6: Embracing our differences and working together

This is where we all belong

Diverse dilemmas

Making our classroom a welcoming place

Who are we?

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