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Bringing ESC Rights Home: Applying Ireland’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Obligations To Budgetary Policy


The final of 3 publications, this publication aims to inform and guide law and policy makers in Ireland to better fulfill the State’s human rights obligations when determining and implementing its budgets; inform civil society organisations and individuals to better argue how human rights could and should influence the budgetary process.

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  • Date added: 6th February 2019
  • Author: Amnesty International
  • Publisher: Amnesty International
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2014
  • Page Count: 90


Aimed at strengthening the protection of ESC rights in Ireland, this publication is designed to be a compendium of information useful to the Government in order to assist it in ensuring that its economic policy, particularly the budget, is in line with and reflects its ESC rights obligations. It summarises the evolving understanding at an international level of states’ human rights obligations, in particular their ESC rights obligations, when designing and implementing budgetary policy. It is set out in 6 chapters: