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Building Back Better: Youth, Power and Planet


Building Back Better: Youth, Power and Planet is about power. The understanding of power in youth work is vitally important for the development of young people as they navigate through their lives and society.

The aim of this resource is to support young people and youth workers in understanding power, seeing power, claiming power, and activating power. It includes a wealth of background information on concepts around power and terminology, as well as a guide on ‘How to Use this Resource’, activities, stimulus sheets.

Resource Details


This toolkit explores the issue of power and helps you make links to the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is designed for global educators, youth workers, development education practitioners, trainers, climate activists, changemakers of all shapes and sizes but in particular those working with the current generation of young people.

Building Back Better contains 4 main sections:

Section 1. Defining Power

Section 2. Seeing Power

Section 3. Claiming Power

Section 4. Activating Power

It also contains:

  • an introduction to power in theory and in practice
  • 10 activities with interactive exercises
  • action power templates for planning
  • striking visuals, case studies on human development for adapting

This was resource was created by the NYCI Youth 2030 programme.

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