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Chembakolli: Life and change in an Indian village


This popular photo-pack uses photographs, comic strips and activities to examine life in Chembakolli, a rural community in southern India.

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  • Date added: 23rd June 2012
  • Author: Actionaid
  • Year: 2012
  • ISBN: 9781905694075
  • Page Count: 30


This photopack, now in its third edition, introduces the village of Chembakolli using images, engaging activities and inspirational stories.

It contains 30 A4 double sided photocards, an illustrated timeline poster of ‘The Chembakolli Story’, a CD containing lessons, activities, activity sheets, illustrations, photographs and interviews, all accompanied by a teacher’s guide outlining how to use the pack effectively.

The pack documents the villager’s fight against the erosion of their tribal land rights and shows how they have worked together to achieve positive change.

Suggested Use: Stimulus, introductory, action projects

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  • The pack is available to buy for £35 on the ActionAid website.
  • There are also an extensive range of free downloads in relation to Chembakolli available on topics such as housing and homes; school; water; transport; just change – making trade fair; landscape – forest; and education in Gudalur.