Resource Title

Feeling the Heat – How climate change is driving extreme weather in the developing world


This resource ‘brings together the science around climate change and personal experience of communities and organisations seeking to address the injustice underpinning the current situation. Based on the best scientific information available, it puts forward a series of policy proposals which need to be addressed if Ireland is to play its part in addressing climate change.’

Resource Details

  • Author: Dr. Conor Murphy, Dr. Mabuto Thembo, Hannah Grene, Ciara Kirrane
  • Publisher: Trócaire
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2014
  • Page Count: 60


This report argues that climate change is linked to issues such as food production, access to water, health, migration, gender and the economy. The report takes The Philippines, Honduras,Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia as case studies and discusses each in depth in the framework of the issues above. Each chapter outlines individual findings for each case study.

Based off of these studies this report recommends:

  • A framework for climate change
  • A switch to more sustainable ways of producing and consuming
  • support and promote sustainable agricultural approaches and secure access to natural resources to ensure that the most vulnerable people can adapt to the impacts of climate change