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Growing the Future: A Development Education Resource for CSPE in Post-Primary Schools


Growing the Future supports civics education teachers and their groups on current issues facing families and communities in Zimbabwe such as food security, climate change and Covid-19.

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  • Author: Stephen Farley
  • Publisher: Trócaire
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2022
  • Page Count: 28


Growing the Future supports teachers and students to understand the current issues facing families
and communities in Zimbabwe, primarily food security, but also climate change and Covid-19.

The activities focus on understanding the current situation, but also looking to the future, and
encouraging students to come up with solutions for existing problems, leading to a brighter
future for all.


  • 8 lessons, 4 worksheets
  • A short section in each activity for the educator to give the context
  • CSPE learning outcomes linked per activity
  • Access to additional supporting content such as slideshows (PowerPoint) and a suggested teaching plan

Lesson plan outline:

Lesson One: SDG 2 – Zero Hunger

Lesson Two: A Closer Look at Food

Lesson Three: Global Inequalities in Food Distribution

Lesson Four: Food Insecurity

Lesson Five: A Focus on Zimbabwe

Lesson Six: Let’s Grow Together! Agriculture in Zimbabwe

Lesson Seven: Let’s Grow Together! Our School

Lesson Eight: Game Changers

This resource is part of the ‘A Brighter Future’ education resources by Trócaire.

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