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HAY-2-WAY. Africa- A focus for ESDGC learning (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship)


This resource describes the education work that was part of the Two Towns One World project. It makes the case for an Africa focus as a significant theme in Education for Sustainable Development and global citizenship learning.

Resource Details

  • Author: Scott Sinclair
  • Publisher: Hay 2 Timbuktu
  • Country of Publication: Wales
  • Year: 2014
  • Page Count: 51


The Two Towns One World project had two main strands

  • Locally in the Hay-on-Wye area with the Gwernfed cluster of schools
  • Nationally in Wales through a series of workshops and conferences

The scope of the work was enhanced through partnership with other initiatives on the themes ‘Unpacking Africa’ and ‘Debating Development’. A conference in Llandrindod Wells in November 2013 brought the strands of work together and provided the main narrative of this publication.

The resource is full of photos, animations, useful narrative and project examples/guides.



  • ‘Some things we learnt’
  • Timbuktu and Hay-on-Wye- A sense of the link
  • The project in local schools

ESDGC Learning

  • The ESDGC challenge- One’s own learning, strengthening global citizenship within ESDGC and promoting higher level skills
  • A personal ESDGC learning journey
  • Asking better questions- For example ‘Are all people in Africa poor?’ as the context for a variety of work
  • Transition-Primary to Secondary

Links and Learning

  • Research on Links
  • Wales and Africa
  • Unpacking Africa
  • Professional Implications

Debating development

  • Why debate
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • The power of Images
  • Africa: Some potential debates

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