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Media Monsters


Meet the Media Monsters! These guys love to be online, but sometimes they don’t always have the best behaviours. We can all identify with the media monsters sometimes and share information without thinking. This resource helps younger students identify and understand the importance of good media literacy.

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Media literacy is an essential skill in today’s age of content creation. Having the ability to think critically and identify misleading information online is an essential skill that takes time and practice to grow. This resource helps teachers to introduce key behaviours and methods of identifying good media literacy practices.

The monsters Headline Hellion, Gobbling Goblin, Scary Share-y and Gullible Giant have unique appearances which prompt students to think deeper about their media usage. The website also comes with a short resource pack which provides helpful suggestions for lesson plans which can be adapted into one overall lesson or multiple depending on the needs of learners. 

With their catchy names and appealing visuals, the media monsters are a brilliant tool that establishes good media literacy and lifelong skills like critical thinking from a young age.

This resource was developed by NAMLE, a US-based media literacy organisation

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You can check out the Media Monsters on their website


Download the Media Monsters lesson plan PDF