Resource Title

On Track: a handbook for citizenship education teachers


Produced as an Education for Peace and Reconciliation resource for CSPE use at Junior Cycle level this resource can be adapted and incorporated into citizenship courses in an enriching way and used as a vehicle to address the key concepts in citizenship education curricula both North and South on the island of Ireland.

Resource Details


Developed as a result of teachers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland working together on education for peace and reconciliation, this 109 page resource has three particular features which are central to its design and use.

Firstly, it is designed and can be used in a learning spiral manner from the individual to the community to the wider world; secondly, it places particular emphasis on the use of group work and; thirdly, it also seeks to promote the practice of reconciliation through its action component.

Other elements in the design and use include teacher resource sheets, student worksheets, and highlighting of potential opportunities for ICT activities.

Content summary

  • 28 activities divided into 3 units, plus an action project section
  • Student worksheets
  • Games, Quiz’, Factsheets
  • Teacher sheets and activity notes, discussion questions support
  • Suggested sources for additional information

This resource has also been designed to be photocopied easily for classroom use.

Further Reading

This resource has been produced to engage education for reconciliation by reflection on Northern Ireland’s past experiences within the context of other conflicts abroad and movements for peace building, and to formalise this work within CSPE education in Ireland.

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Download On Track PDF (4.11MB)

Visit the CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit for more info